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Eastwood Peak: Live at the Franco
Only on 8 track tape! This was recorded at the Franco American Club in Westford Mass. before one of the band's many Wednesday nights. Recorded in 1975 and contains several of the band's early originals.


Ain't No Sinner / I Don't Know
The first single. Recorded in 1976 and released in 1977 on 45 rpm vinyl.
Pure & Easy Records PE-0001

Dick's Shirt / Golden Showers
Recorded during Eastwood Peak's follow up recording session in 1977. Released in 1978. Known to fetch in excess of $1.50 on eBay.
Pure & Easy Records PE-0007

Eastwood Peak! The Chicken Coop Sessions 1975
Prior to recording at Northern Studios in Maynard, Kevin Visnaskas' brother John brought his mobile recording studio to "The Coop". This CD is a great compilation of early originals and a few covers. Not available in stores.
Pure & Easy Records PECD 001
Long Live Rock! Eastwood Peak Studio Sessions
All the songs recorded during the 1976 and 1977 Northern Studio sessions, plus bonus tracks from late 1970's and early 1980's.
Pure & Easy Records PECD 002
Eastwood Peak 5-20-06
Live at the Alpine Grove, this is a CD / DVD 2 disk set. Professionally recorded and mixed by Studio Metronome, this is a must-have DVD of Eastwood Peak's 2006 performance, plus 20 great songs from the same night on CD

DVD / CD package

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